Yellow Nails? Try This Simple At-Home Whitening Treatment!

The hands, along with the face, are our business cards, so it’s nice to always have them looked after. Nails, especially, need special attention as they might turn yellow for different reasons. Smoking is a common cause because it reduces oxygen, leading to yellowing. You don’t need strong chemicals like acetone to fix this. In fact, you can use a quick but very effective trick.

a women is cleaning her nails

Yellow nails can be embarrassing, and as previously mentioned, they can be caused by several factors, such as onychomycosis or skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema. It’s important to consult your doctor for proper treatment, which might involve specific fungicides or topical products.

The natural mix to whiten yellowed nails

When yellowing comes from smoking or using chemical products such as solvents or colored nail polishes, you can whiten them using a mix of natural ingredients. All you have to do is mix one lemon juice with a teaspoon of salt and baking soda each.

Before using the remedy, let’s try to better understand why these three ingredients work. Baking soda has whitening and exfoliating abilities, eliminating yellow spots and dead skin. Lemons contain citric acid, acting as a natural bleaching agent. This property can help revitalize the nails, restoring their natural shine by counteracting discoloration. Finally, salt can be used as a light exfoliant and an antibacterial to remove impurities on the nails.

The effective and natural remedy for whitening yellowed nails

Just mix all the ingredients, apply them to your nails, leave for about ten minutes, and then rinse. For the best results, repeat this treatment multiple times a week. Since they’re natural, a perfect outcome might take a bit longer.

As you can see, you have all you need at home to fix this annoying and unsightly problem without using harsh products or spending practically nothing. It’s a simple, cost-effective solution for healthier, nicer-looking nails.

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