Is It Possible to Wash Your Hair with Coca-cola? The Experiment That Divides the Public

The English actress and model Suki Waterhouse sparked a trend by washing her hair with Coca-Cola to add thickness. The actress has, in fact, explained that it is possible to give volume to the hair with the very drink that no one can do without anymore.

Following her experiment, numerous YouTube videos emerged featuring people trying and testing the success of this beauty trick. But does washing your hair with Coca-Cola really work? We know that Coca-Cola is a soft drink that everyone is now crazy about. Contains carbonated water, sugar, phosphoric acid, caffeine, and artificial food colors.

Coca-Cola in your hair? The hair-washing trick that shocked the web

Wash your hair with Coca-Cola

If someone thinks about the drink, they certainly don’t believe they can pour it into their hair and be able to obtain a shiny result and better volume. However, the idea piqued the curiosity of many, including a journalist from the Daily Mail who gave it a shot. Surprisingly, her hair did end up looking more voluminous and shiny.

The journalist revealed that rinsing your hair with Coca-Cola provides added texture to your scalp. The drink’s acidic pH helps close the hair cuticles, enhancing shine, while bicarbonate contributes to volume. However, it’s important that we must consider the negative sides of this experiment.

coca-cola cans are placed in a bucket with ice

There are some ingredients in Coca-Cola, especially sugar, which might create some problems. This ingredient, together with the acidity of the drink itself, could be dangerous for the scalp and the length of the hair.

Furthermore, the corn syrup and the mix of other ingredients may lead to scalp itchiness and could potentially cause dandruff or even hair loss. If you decide to try this experiment, it’s advisable not to overuse the product. Most importantly, do not try the treatment very often or continuously.

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