Making Your Eyebrows Look Full and Perfect

Our eyebrows play an important part in how we appear to others. They are a unique facial feature as they can our eyes more definition, and how they are groomed can certainly have either a negative or positive impact on our overall appearance. On top of beauty, the eyebrows also help keep our eyes free of dirt and debris in the air. They also help us communicate by exhibiting certain emotions and reactions. So let’s see how we can get our eyebrows looking their best.

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In-Home Eyebrow Treatment

To achieve perfect eyebrows, we will need to start by outlining them. In other words, we give definitions to the outline of our eyebrows. This can be done by using a pencil or eyeliner. Begin by drawing on the lower part of the eyebrow closest to your nose and move upwards.

With the same pencil, we will now need to fill in the eyebrows. What this means is that we need to fill in the tiny areas that are missing hairs. After we are done filling, we can blend the little eyebrow hairs with a brush. This will give the eyebrows a clean and uniform look.

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Keep the brush around because we need to apply some powder now. The powder will help the eyebrows remain clean and dry, as they can become damaged when removing makeup. So we will apply our powder with our brush, and then we need to continue by applying some concealer below the eyebrow and on the eyelash.

Eyebrow Care

We also have a couple of tips when it comes to keeping your eyebrows looking great for as long as possible. You can add a bit of body and shine to your eyebrows by applying a tiny amount of olive oil along them. This will make them look brighter and thicker. The same procedure can be done with coconut oil and aloe vera. Lastly, remember to even out the eyebrow hairs routinely so that they appear even and healthy.

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