How a Broom Can Help You Get Back in Shape

It is way too common for us to neglect physical fitness due to a busy schedule and overall stress. Unfortunately, sports and exercise do require a certain amount of time and commitment, but physical activity is vital for maintaining health. And in-home work could be the right solution for adding exercise to a busy schedule. So, in this article, we are going to see how your broom can help supplement your workout at home.

woman exercising and broom

A Complete Broom Workout

To get started with your workout, take your broom and let it rest on your shoulders by resting your arms on it. Next, as you remain standing, spread out your feet to where they are parallel to your shoulders. Now, bend your knees slightly and hold this position as you rotate your torso back and forth. Continue the motion for about 30 seconds.

Now we will change positions slightly. Keep the broom on your shoulders, but now we want to grasp the broom with our hands about shoulder-width apart. Next, repeat the same motion as before by rotating your torse in both directions. Again, keep on rotating for about 30 seconds.

For the next phase, we will remain in the same position with our broom, but don’t bend your knees. Lift your right leg for about five seconds, then follow up with the left leg in the same fashion. Go back and forth, lifting each leg for five-second intervals for a total duration of 40 seconds.

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For the next exercise, leave the broom on your shoulders and curl your arms over the broom. Next, extend your arms forward and begin to bend your torso. Lean down as far as you can, and then hold the position for 30 seconds.

Now, we will switch positions by lying down on the floor. Stretch out your legs and arms while holding onto your broom with each hand. Begin lifting your upper body using the strength of your abs, and then slowly bring your back to the floor. Repeat this motion for 40 seconds.

To finish off in our new position, we will give some attention again to our legs. While still holding onto your broom, extend both arms upward. Lift your right leg up so it meets the broom being held in the air, then follow up with the other leg. Continue the rotation for about 45 seconds.

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