Walking Makes You Lose Weight: Tricks for a Perfect Workout

We often hear about taking post-meal walks to shed pounds, and it’s indeed true. However, the battle with laziness and the cozy couch can be challenging. But walking helps you lose weight, even though it’s advisable to follow some small but highly effective tips to enhance the results. Initially, remember that the most challenging days are often the first ones, but with time, it becomes an enjoyable and indispensable habit. You’ll hardly recall when you didn’t embrace this healthy practice.

The correct workout to lose weight. Walking to increase stamina and lose weight

The number of steps doesn’t matter

While you may have heard that you need to take a minimum of 10,000 steps a day, it could be more accurate. In fact, the crucial factor is the intensity and pace of your exercise. To achieve significant results, you must push beyond a certain threshold. It’s essential to recognize that this threshold varies among individuals, as people respond differently to training. Sometimes, a shorter yet highly intense session lasting at least 45 minutes can be as practical, if not more so. Tailoring your approach to your unique needs is the key to success.

The number of steps doesn't matter but try to reach 45 min

Start Walking

Here’s what you need to do if you want to shed pounds through walking: start slowly. If, until recently, your only activity was switching TV channels and getting up from the couch, push yourself slowly. Begin with leisurely strolls and gradually increase the intensity in each session, taking your time. As you progress, you can incorporate short but vigorous exercises. By gradually increasing the power, you’ll also improve your stamina, allowing you to extend your training duration comfortably. Remember, patience and consistent effort are crucial to success. The only way to achieve results is to give your body time to adapt to ever-increasing rhythms.

a couple is running slowly

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