Getting rid of wrinkles – Look younger with a little nivea cream and an egg

We all, one day, will start noticing our own physical signs of aging. It’s completely normal. However, it is possible to reduce these signs by getting rid of wrinkles with just two ingredients. This natural cream hydrates the skin and can help give us the appearance of being ten years younger. Few know about this easy, effective method.

cream for the face

As we know, physical signs of aging are part of a natural and inevitable process as we grow older. For many people, it can come as a shock. And others simply accept it, knowing that this is nature taking its course. However you react to aging skin, it is always worth knowing that there is safe and inexpensive way to slow down the formation of wrinkles. With some Nivea and an egg yolk, you can create your own cream that will leave your skin looking healthy and younger.

A mask of this natural cream will cause the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. This way, the product is able to reverse the damaging effects that happen over time, getting rid of the need for cosmetic surgery or invasive skin treatments.

Ingredients and Procedure

white cream

To get started, we will need half of a teaspoon of Nivea and one egg white. Put the egg white in a glass, then add the Nivea and mix. Now that we have our cream prepared, apply it to the affected areas of the skin. Continue to massage the cream into the skin with your fingers for about fifteen minutes. Next, let the mask sit for about 30 minutes before rising.

smiling egg

To see the best results, it is ideal to repeat this procedure five times a week. Keep in mind, the results will not appear immediately, but with a little patience and commitment you can begin to see your skin go back in time.  

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