Castor Oil, Corn Starch and More… All the Tricks to Have Thicker and Longer Eyelashes

Eyelashes can make a significant difference in the beauty of the eyes. To achieve a magnetic and seductive look, many people desire long and thick lashes for a captivating and striking appearance that truly stands out. Having thick and long eyelashes can create a “wow” effect and make the eyes the real focal point.

3 natural remedies for thick and healthy eyelashes

To achieve a stunning effect, people often use false eyelashes, volumizing mascaras, and lamination. However, for a healthier and longer-lasting solution, you can try simple natural remedies. Let’s explore them together.

Natural Remedies for Long and Thick Eyelashes

Cornstarch is a common ingredient in cuisines around the world, but it‘s also a fantastic remedy for promoting eyelash growth. It contains nutrients like vitamin E and selenium, which nourish and hydrate the lashes. To use it, apply cornstarch evenly, remove any excess, and then add another layer of mascara for better results.

Castor oil is well-known for its ability to strengthen and stimulate eyelash growth. This oil is full of beneficial fatty acids, proteins, and vitamin E that promote lash health. To use it, apply a small amount directly to the lashes, leave it on overnight, and then rinse it off in the morning. This simple method can help your lashes grow stronger and longer.

Castor oil which promote growth

Vaseline is a very versatile product that can be used for various beauty purposes, including eyelash growth. It forms a protective barrier, keeping the lashes hydrated and safe from harmful external factors. To use it, apply a small amount with a toothbrush or cotton swab, gently massage it into the lashes, and leave it on overnight.

If your lashes are messy, you can apply mascara and use a brush to line them up. For a magnetic look, apply mascara first, then gently sprinkle some talcum powder on them, and finally, apply a final layer of mascara. The result will be stunning and impressive.

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