Drooping Eyelid? The Reverse Eyeliner Method is the One for You

Eyeliner is a popular cosmetic product that highlights and defines the eyes’ upper and lower lash lines. While it’s widely used, there are times when it may need to achieve the desired effect. One common reason for this could be droopy eyelids. If you’re facing this issue, don’t worry, as today we’ll show you how to use the reverse eyeliner technique. Let’s find out together what it is.

Do you have droopy eyelids? Don't worry. Use the reverse eyeliner technique for top makeup

Reverse eyeliner, often referred to as “upside-down eyeliner“, is a makeup technique that can be quite beneficial, especially for individuals with droopy eyelids. This method helps you open up and lift the appearance of the eyes, creating the illusion of more elevated eyelids.

Drooping eyelids are identified by an excess of skin on the upper eyelid, causing it to hang over the lash line. This can pose challenges when using regular eyeliner, which is often invisible once the eyes are open. In contrast, the reverse eyeliner technique involves drawing a line above the mobile crease of the eye, creating a lifting effect.

How to apply the reverse eyeliner technique

To use the reverse eyeliner technique, follow these easy steps: Select a precise gel or liquid eyeliner with a thin brush. Begin by referencing the lower part of your eye. Draw a guideline with the pencil from bottom to top, following the area just below your lower lash line, and extend it outwards.

an expert is applying eyeliner to girl eyes

Regarding the upper eyelid, only join the last third of the eye. Once everything is done, enhance the lines you’ve drawn with a darker eyeliner, extending it to the outer edge as a very thin line. To achieve a more defined look, you can also apply eyeliner on the inner rims of your eyes. Complete your eye makeup with mascara and eyeshadow according to your preference.

The reverse eyeliner technique can produce the illusion of more enormous, more defined eyes and give your makeup a unique and creative touch.

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