Does Your Hair Smell Like Fried Food? Three Practical Solutions Known Only to Chefs

The fried smell is sometimes so pungent that it soaks into clothes and stays on your hair for days. Certainly, it may sound extreme, but if you have any friends or family working in the kitchen, they can confirm that the pervasive smell of frying is not uncommon.

If faced with the persistent fried smell, complaining won’t help much. It’s more effective to brainstorm and find a solution. Alternatively, follow our advice to avoid the need for frequent hair washing due to the annoying scent of frying. The technique applied by professionals in the kitchen is simple and quick but, at the same time, studied down to the smallest detail.

To remove the fried smell, you have three convenient options to choose from

Practical tips to remove the fried smell from your hair

Here are the three essential ingredients:

  • 90 drops of lemon;
  • 50 drops of mint;
  • 10 drops of eucalyptus.
fried chips in a plate placed on the table

Pour it into a spray bottle, one liter full of water. Shake it if needed, then generously spray the contents on your head. Massage the skin with your fingertips to ensure the mixture penetrates from roots to tips.

In conclusion, a good brushing will swiftly eliminate the fried smell. To maintain the effectiveness of the solution, store it in a cool place, preferably away from light. If the process seems too laborious or time is limited, dust your head with talcum powder. Then, comb your hair thoroughly to eliminate any traces of the scented powder.

fried chips and sandwiches are served in a tray

Your hair will absorb the scent, but the only drawback is that you’ll need to wash it the next day; otherwise, it will look dry and dull. Indeed, hair powder is also an effective remedy. Formulated with specific ingredients like aluminum starch and magnesium carbonate, it boasts high absorbent power, helping to combat unpleasant odors.

In addition, a protective film created by the powder traps odors and moisture. Follow the quantity guidelines in the instructions, let it work, and then eliminate the excess using a brush.

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