You’ve Probably Never Tried This Trick: How to Perfume the Waste Bin

Unfortunately, waste often carries an extremely unpleasant odor, and we must acknowledge this fact. A stench can sometimes be felt throughout the house, prompting many to search for an adequate remedy. Not everyone has the luxury of an outdoor space to store waste, compelling them to keep it inside until the scheduled collection day. However, there’s a secret to scenting the waste bin. We’ll share it with you immediately.

Eliminate the bad smell from the garbage bin in a simple and economical way

A very effective trick

We understand the discomfort of lingering bad odors in the house, making it crucial to find effective remedies. The trick we’re about to share will revolutionize your living space. You only need some paper towels, cotton wool, essential oil, and citric acid.


First, it is necessary to remove the full waste bag and use a vacuum cleaner to eliminate any remaining residues in the rubbish bin. Then, clean the bin itself with water and citric acid to get rid of excess dirt and any lingering traces of rubbish. A thoroughly clean bin is less likely to emit the typical bad smells associated with waste.

two small perfume bottles placed on the table with some flowers

Then, take a cotton ball (though a cotton pad or a piece of cloth would work, too) and add a few drops of your chosen essential oil. Generally, we recommend using citrus ones, which allow you to obtain the best results in terms of fragrance. Place the cotton at the bottom of the bin and insert a new bag for your waste. That’s it—nothing could be simpler. This simple method should keep your bin from emitting bad smells for at least 3 or 4 days. Afterward, you can repeat the process.

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