4 Ways to Use a Towel to Care for Your Washing Machine

It was once considered a luxury, and now most of us couldn’t go without it. Of course, we are referring to the household appliance commonly known as the washing machine. As we all know, it is a practical machine that can make cleaning a lot easier and faster. But, this invaluable appliance needs to be cared for, and part of this requires the removal of dirt and limescale that will eventually build up inside the washing machine.

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Of course, most people do not have the training to repair every single little part of the washing machine. Regardless, there are still some easy maintenance tips that can help anyone extend the life of their machine. This, in the end, will help you save money in the long run and reduce the waste we create.

How a Towel Can Come to the Aid of the Mashing Machine

We will begin with an all-natural method for getting rid of limescale inside the washing machine. Start by mixing 150 grams of citric acid with one liter of water. Now, soak a towel in the solution and place the wet towel inside the washing machine. Run the towel through one cycle, and the limescale will be gone.

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White wine vinegar is another solution to limescale buildup. In addition, vinegar is also great at neutralizing bad smells and eliminating germs and bacteria. Mix equal parts water and vinegar in a bowl, and then soak your towel. Run the towel through a high-temperature cycle, and your washing machine will be sanitized.

Another way to clean the washing machine while getting rid of bad smells is by using Marseille soap. First, soak your towel in warm water. Next, rub the Marseille all over the wet towel. With this method, we will add the towel to a full load of dirty laundry. This way, we will have a clean washing machine on top of fresh-smelling clothes.

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Lastly, a towel can come to the aid of your washing machine when it comes to washing sweaters, a particularly delicate type of garment. Just run your sweaters through a simple hand-wash cycle. Next, take out the sweaters, wrap them individually in a towel and squeeze. This will take out the excess moisture in your sweaters while simultaneously saving your washing machine from running the spin cycle. Always remember, however, to check the tags in your sweaters to make sure there are no specific washing instructions.

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