Goodbye Encrusted Oven, Follow This Advice for Perfect Cleaning

Are you tired of trying to clean your oven with various types of rags and clothes without getting any results? Today, with our trick, you can accomplish this seemingly impossible task, saving both time and money. The solution? Dishwasher tablets.

The dirt in the oven typically originates from food residues and grease, which tend to become encrusted at high temperatures. While removable parts like grills are more convenient to clean, other components, such as glass, are at risk of damage from abrasive scouring pads and sponges, which tend to scratch the surface in an attempt to eliminate residues.

How to clean the encrusted oven easily? With a dishwasher tablet

Use a dishwasher tablet to clean the oven

We opted for dishwasher tablets precisely because, similar to dishes. These products possess excellent degreasing capabilities, thanks also to the presence of phosphate. Phosphate not only aids in dissolving fats but also contributes to giving our dishes a sparkling finish.

Cleaning procedure

First of all, before starting with our steps, we recommend that you wear a pair of gloves. This is to prevent any potential skin irritation on your hands.

a person is cleaning the steps
  • grab a pan or basin and fill it with boiling water. Even hot water from your sink will work.
  • unwrap a dishwasher tablet and submerge it in the hot water for approximately ten seconds. We must not let it dissolve completely.
  • remove the partially dissolved tablet from the water and use it directly on the oven glass, rubbing it carefully until all the grease is removed.
  • Use a dish sponge to rub and absorb all the excess foam released during the cleaning process.
  • Now, we use a soft, damp cloth to remove any soap and dirt residues from the oven glass. Finally, take another dry cloth, preferably cotton or microfiber, to thoroughly dry everything.

Follow these steps, and your oven will be as good as new again and in record time!

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