You Would Never Imagine These Ways of Using Rosemary

If you have some rosemary growing in your garden at home, then this article is definitely for you. Here we are going to examine how to use rosemary in ways that you may have never thought of. We are all well aware that the herb is great for enhancing flavors, particularly with meats and potatoes. But did you know that you can also make rosemary salt?


Creating Rosemary Salt

This creation is actually quite simple. Begin by gathering several stems of rosemary and about 500 grams of salt. Put everything into a blender and run it until you are pleased with the consistency of the mixture.

salt rosemary and schiacciata

Now we need to put the mix evenly on a baking sheet. To avoid damaging the ingredients, cover everything with some parchment paper. Bake for thirty minutes at 50°C (122°F). After enough time has passed, take out the sheet and let it cool. After you can store your rosemary salt in a jar or any other container you prefer.

Mosquito Repellant

It may come as a surprise, but rosemary is a great way to keep mosquitos away. To make our repellant, we will need 4 or 5 stems of rosemary. Add the stems to some boiling water and let them soak for about half an hour. After, filter the liquid into a clean spray bottle. Now you have a perfectly good mosquito repellant that adds a pleasant aroma to the air.

rosemary stem

Homemade Decorations


A fun and pleasant application involving rosemary is making your own home decorations. You can create a garland at home with several sticks of rosemary. All you have to do is tie the branches together at the ends with some string, and you’re all done. A great idea for the garland is adding it to a centerpiece and placing a candle in the center.

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