How Water and Rice Can Help Your Plants Grow

Rice is a great food resource that can also help our plants grow well due to its high levels of nutrients, amino acids, and minerals. We will just need to add a little bit of water to make the rice usable in the garden. In this article, we are going to see exactly what it takes to make your own natural fertilizer at home that consists of just water and rice.

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Combining Water and Rice to Feed Your Plants

To get the process started, we will need to boil 500 ml of water on the stove. Once your water has come to a boil, we can add our rice to the pot. No washing is necessary. Now, just let the rice cook for about twenty minutes. It should be quite tender before you remove the heat.

Now that the rice is ready, we will need to filter out the water. Just get a hold of a strainer or colander and collect the rice as you let the water pour into a clean container. Now, we have our fertilizing liquid ready for our garden.

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To use the water as a fertilizer, all we need to do is pour the water on the soil that surrounds the base of each plant. This application is always the same whether your plants are indoors or outdoors. Make sure to repeat the process every two to three weeks so that your plants get consistent nutrition as they grow larger.

When it comes to fertilizer options, they don’t get much more natural than water and rice. And if you ever notice that the leaves on some plants start to become brown and yellow due to dryness, make sure to use this method immediately to quickly remedy the problem. Your plans will appreciate the gesture.

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