3 Fertilizing Methods for Succulent Plants

A lot of people presume that they don’t have the patience or time to decorate their homes with a variety of succulents. However, if this is something that has ever made you curious, you should be happy to know that growing succulents at home may be easier than you think. This also includes care and fertilizing. In fact, the only time that a little extra attention is required is during the cold winter months. So here are a couple of pieces of advice for those who want to start their own garden of succulents that involve all-natural products.

succulent plants buckets

Marseille Soap

Our first method for fertilizing succulent plants involves a little Marseille soap. We can begin making our fertilizer by combining 20 grams of Marseille soap and 20 grams of ethyl alcohol in a liter of hot water. Make sure to mix well. The soap should be completely dissolved in the end. Next, pour the solution into a spray bottle, apply the solution to your plants, and make sure to pay extra attention to the leaves that have started to fade and brown.

Another way of using Marseille soap is by combining it with sunflower oil. Again, we will mix 20 grams of each ingredient in a liter of hot water. Pour the mixture into your spray bottle, and your fertilizer will be ready for use. Make sure to repeat this application every three or four days until your plants appear perfectly healthy.

banana peel

Banana Peels

Our third and most effective method requires just a banana peel. Take one banana peel, place it in a glass jar, and add some water. Now, we must let the peel sit in the jar of water for about 24 hours. After enough time has passed, stir the liquid and pour it into your spray bottle. Your fertilizer is now ready to go.

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