You only need two things to get your coarse towels soft again

As a result of time and general wear and tear, our towels end up coarse and unpleasant to the touch. This doesn’t just get in the way of getting your body fully dry after a shower, it also can even irritate the skin. Fortunately, there is a simple method you can use to get your towels soft again that requires just two ingredients.

The things we will need to start are white wine vinegar and citric acid. These two products will improve the condition of your towels while simultaneously adding to the sustainability of your laundry. Not to mention that there are no chemical-based products necessary for this process.

The Softening Process

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We will need to start by getting out a large bowl and filling it with hot water. Four liters of water should be enough for three towels. Next, add a half cup of white wine vinegar to the bowl and then 50 grams of citric acid. The citric acid will act as both a cleaning agent and a fabric softener.

After you have added all the ingredients, you will then have to stir the liquid until everything is completely dissolved. Now you can immerse the towels in the solution and let them soak for about four hours. After enough time has passed, take out one towel at a time and rinse it under warm water. This step is necessary to get rid of the remaining vinegar and acid.

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Now that you have rinsed out all your towels, you will have to let them dry. Once dry, apply a fabric brush to the towels to lift all the fibers and make them flexible again. At this point, you should notice that the towels are much softer to the touch. Keep in mind, though, that this method should only be used occasionally.

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By using this method, you can say goodbye to fabric softeners. Another trick to keeping your towels soft is to wash them with jeans or other hard fabrics when doing the laundry. This way, you will extend the life of your towels.

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