You can solve a common problem by placing toilet paper inside the fridge

We can all probably agree that the idea of placing a roll of toilet paper in the fridge does not seem very sensible at first. But despite how absurd this idea may sound, it actually can end up being quite beneficial. So if this idea has aroused some curiosity, continue reading to look further into this interesting technique.

Of course, we typically consider the bathroom as the appropriate place for toilet paper, but the idea of putting a roll in the fridge is beginning to catch on. Some may call this idea a little crazy, but it ends up being a useful technique in the end. Let’s see why!

The Benefits of Putting Toilet Paper in the Fridge

By putting toilet paper in the fridge, bad smells can easily be eliminated. This is due to the product’s thickness and absorbency. It is just a fact of life, from time to time bad smells will end up accumulating inside the refrigerator, and they need to be dealt with before they contaminate our food. And fortunately, it just takes one roll of toilet paper to get the job done.

fridge and toilet paper

The reason toilet paper is so effective comes down to the fact that it contains cellulose. This property makes it ideal for the absorption of bad smells. All you have to do is place a roll on one of the shelves and let sit and do its work. You will notice in no time the foul odors will have disappeared.

Another function that toilet paper provides is the elimination of humidity. As the toilet paper takes in the water molecules out of the area inside the fridge, fruits and vegetables are able to stay fresh for longer. This in turn will help prevent bad smells from even forming. Remember, keep an eye on the roll of toilet paper because it will need to be periodically replaced as it becomes fully saturated, keeping the interior of the fridge fresh and sanitary.

Other Tips for Fighting Bad Smells

rotting fruit

By cleaning your fridge with vinegar, you will help keep the interior fresh due to its disinfecting properties. It is an inexpensive and natural product that both cleans and gets rid of bad smells simultaneously.

Another option is leaving a glass of baking soda in the fridge. Baking soda acts very similarly to baking soda in the way it is able to absorb smells and moisture. Just make sure you replace the baking soda at least once a week and your fridge will remain fresh and smell great.

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