With This Trick You Can Peel Boiled Potatoes in One Minute

One of the foods that is never missing from our tables is potatoes. They are capable of complementing all eating styles. However, sometimes we are a little inhibited from using them because peeling boiled potatoes can be a less-than-enjoyable task, especially for those with limited time for culinary endeavors. Fortunately, a handy trick comes to the rescue for the more impatient, offering a way to speed up the entire peeling process.

How to peel boiled potatoes quickly?

With this trick, you can quickly remove the peel from boiled potatoes

To implement this trick, the process begins well before boiling. In fact, before placing the potatoes in hot water, make a cut along the surface of each potato. This incision can be made with either a knife or scissors, providing flexibility in your approach. The cut should be half a centimeter deep, running along the smaller diameter of the potato. It’s crucial not to cut too deeply, as the two halves formed should remain connected through the pulp.

Now, drop the potatoes into boiling water. Once they are cooked to perfection, retrieve them, drain excess water, and briefly immerse them in a basin filled with cold water and ice. This step serves a dual purpose: preventing burns when handling the hot potatoes and halting any further cooking.

Dish with peeled potatos

Once this is done, simply grab a potato, take hold of the top of each hemisphere between your fingers, and gently pull. Theoretically, the peel should come off quickly, akin to removing a glove from your hand. This ingenious method facilitates quick potato peeling, presenting a time-saving solution for those who prefer a more efficient approach in the kitchen.

Indeed, investing a bit more time in making the initial cuts to create the two hemispheres is a small trade-off compared to the efficiency gained during the peeling phase. This holds especially true if you have to peel many, many potatoes. The time saved can be significant, allowing you to treat yourself to mashed potatoes more often.

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