Peeling Chestnuts – No Oven Needed

Autumn and chestnuts go hand in hand. It is an absolute pleasure to enjoy hot chestnuts as the weather begins to cool with a glass of red wine. Chestnuts can also be used in a variety of ways in the kitchen when it comes to preparing soups, meats, pasta, and even on their own. The only problem is that we have to prepare the chestnuts, and this, of course, involves peeling them. And here, we are going to discuss how to make this process a lot easier.

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Peeling Chestnuts With Ease

In order to eliminate the oven from the equation, we will need to start with a pot of water. As you heat the water on the stove, make a small incision on each chestnut along the curved part of the shell. Once the water has reached a boil, you can add them to the pot. Let the chestnuts sit in the boiling water for no more than 3 minutes, then drain them and dry them off with a clean cloth.

man roasting chestnuts

Now, we can take the dried chestnuts and place them in a non-stick pan. Make sure that the cut we made on each chestnut is facing down. Set the heat to medium and place a lid over the pan, making sure to check the chestnuts frequently.

You will know that the chestnuts are ready because the skin will have completely separated from the rest of the nut. Put on some gloves so you don’t burn yourself, and you will see that the skin peels right off. Now, you will have perfectly prepared chestnuts that you can add to any dish that you desire. Or just enjoy them as they are!

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