A Recipe for a Light Walnut and Apple Cake

Sweets, for many of us, can seem to be irresistible. This can be a real problem, especially for those who are trying to lose weight. Most cakes and other sweets are very high in calories, and after the enjoyment that comes with their consumption, guilt follows shortly after. Luckily, we have a recipe for a lighter cake that tastes great and will not leave you feeling remorseful later on.

apple cake

The 130-Calorie Cake Recipe

When the recipe is followed correctly, walnut and apple cake takes no time at all to make. Preparation should take two minutes, and the cooking time is just 25 minutes. It is also worth mentioning that the quantities of the ingredients are very flexible so that you can customize your cake according to your personal taste.

So, let’s talk about ingredients. For this recipe, we will need the following:

  • 200 ml of milk
  • 200 grams of flour
  • 2 medium-sized apples
  • 75 grams of stevia sweetener
  • 50 grams of chopped walnuts
  • 50 ml of sunflower oil
  • 10 grams of yeast
  • 80 grams of vanilla extract
  • 5 grams of butter
  • 3 large eggs
  • Powdered sugar (optional)
  • Cinnamon (optional)

Now that we have our ingredients, we can get started. Begin by greasing a baking pan and coating it with flour. Cut the apples into cubes and mix them with your walnuts and cinnamon. Next, spread the mixture onto the pan.

apples and cinnamon

In a large bowl, beat the eggs with a whisk as you add your sweetener and sugar. Then, add in your oil, milk, yeast, and flour to the bowl and continue mixing until you have an even consistency. Once you’re done, pour the liquid evenly over the apple and walnut mix on the pan. Place the pan in the oven preheated to 200 degrees Celsius for 25 minutes.

After enough time has passed, carefully take the pan out of the oven. At this point, all you need to do is sift some confectioner sugar over the cake to your liking and enjoy!

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