With Grandma’s Trick the Marble Will Become Very Shiny Again

There are those who like the genre. We are talking about marble, a material widely used for floors or tiles, but which we also find in window sills in the form of ornaments or even furniture. However, it grapples with a common issue—it stains easily and can lose its luster. While it’s essential to steer clear of acidic substances to prevent stains, an age-old grandmother’s remedy may offer a solution to restore the shine and brilliance of marble surfaces.

The return of shiny marble

make marble shine again like before

The solution lies in preparing a natural detergent using ingredients likely found in your home. Obviously, this time we will exclude acidic elements like white wine vinegar or lemon juice, as they can harm the marble. All you need to get is:

  • Liquid Marseille soap, both liquid and flakes, is fine (although in the latter case, you’ll need to melt it using a double boiler)
  • sodium bicarbonate
  • waterfall
  • a woolen cloth
cubes of marselle soap placed on the table

In a bowl, combine a generous spoonful of Marseille soap with an equal amount of baking soda and water. Ensure thorough mixing. For regular cleaning, use one spoonful of this mixture per liter of water. If you are dealing with a very dirty marble floor or tiles, consider using two spoonfuls or even the entire mixture for a more potent cleaning solution.

Indeed, the quantity of the compound used depends on the extent of dirtiness you’re going to clean. After applying the product, be sure to rinse it thoroughly. Finally, use a woolen cloth to dry and polish the marble surface, revealing its renewed shine.

a jar and a spoon placed on the table are filled with baking soda

But be careful: marble is a very treacherous material, and there are different types of this material around, which are more or less fragile. Before using the natural detergent, perform a test on a hidden corner of the marble surface to ensure it doesn’t get damaged. While the mixture is generally safe, it’s advisable not to take risks with marble, as it can be a tricky material.

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