Why You Should Put Baking Soda in Orchids

Orchids indeed stand out as popular indoor decorative plants, thanks to their vibrant colors and beautiful flowers. Caring for them, however, can be challenging, even for experienced gardeners. But there’s a secret ingredient that can assist in keeping them healthy and thriving: baking soda. Let’s explore why it’s beneficial for orchids!

Have you ever thought about using baking soda on your orchids? Here's why you should do it

How to use baking soda for orchids

Baking soda can stimulate the flowering of orchids, extending the duration of their beautiful flowers. To do this, prepare a solution by mixing 1 teaspoon of baking soda powder with 1 liter of room-temperature water. Transfer this solution into a spray bottle and apply it to your orchids approximately one month after they’ve finished flowering. This method can encourage them to blossom and maintain their beauty for extended periods.

pink color of blossom orchids

In addition, sodium bicarbonate can be beneficial as a natural fertilizer, stimulating plants to grow healthily and lush. Create a mixture with water and bicarbonate. Use it to water your orchids around 3-4 times a month after they’ve finished flowering. This application of bicarbonate as a fertilizer can enhance orchid growth and significantly extend their lifespan, supporting their overall health and vitality.

Another aspect of orchids that should be considered is their preference for slightly acidic soil, close to a pH of 5 to 6. However, sometimes the water we use to water them might be too acidic. Here, sodium bicarbonate comes to the rescue once again. Its basic properties can help lower the soil’s pH, ensuring a more suitable environment for your orchids to flourish.

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