Why You Should Never Put the Wine Cork Back on the Bottle

While the debate over whether white or red wine is superior continues, one thing remains constant: the remarkable taste it leaves in one’s mouth. Wine is enjoyed at every meal and pairs beautifully with a wide array of dishes. It’s important to note that consumption should be moderate, typically limited to one or two glasses, to avoid overindulgence. When enjoyed in reasonable quantities, wine can indeed offer benefits to the human body. This fact is recognized by both us and our ancestors, who frequently included it on their tables. Despite this, questions persist about certain aspects, such as wine bottles

Putting the cork back on the bottle of wine is not a good idea

Putting the cork back on the wine bottle might not be a good idea: we’ll explain why.

While many people choose to reseal wine bottles with the cork, is it the most suitable solution? Or is it time to consider an alternative approach? Some believe it’s sufficient, while others advocate for alternative methods. There are diverse opinions on this topic, and even wine enthusiasts on social networks are sharing curious interpretations and suggestions.

few corks are placed with an empty wine bottle

A TikToker named Warner Boin shared her theory, based on personal experience and specific knowledge. In fact, she is quite knowledgeable on the subject, and in a video, she decided to share her vast expertise with her loyal followers. Currently, the web star has gained over 100 thousand followers, and each of them fully subscribes to her words. If this topic piques your interest, it might be worth checking out her video for valuable insights and information.

put the cork back might lead to an excessive release of oxygen

According to Warner, putting the cork back in the wine bottle might not be a good idea. She believes that this process can lead to an excessive release of oxygen, which in turn can alter the flavor of the wine, potentially making it much less enjoyable.

To preserve the integrity and flavor of the wine, especially if you don’t plan to finish the bottle in one sitting, it’s often recommended to pour the liquid into an airtight glass container instead of resealing the bottle. This approach aims to minimize the wine’s exposure to excess oxygen, preserving its flavor and quality. By taking this precaution, you can savor the full bouquet and character of the wine, ensuring that each glass is a delightful experience.

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