Crafting an Effective and Simple DIY Insect Trap

On the shelves of shopping malls, you will find a flood of products against flies and mosquitoes, particularly during this season when they give their “best”.

How to trap flies, mosquitoes and other insects without a coil

Instead of the coil, use this do-it-yourself remedy: you'll see what results!

Summer holds a cherished place in the hearts of many, and the reasons are abundantly clear. Several factors contribute to making it an unparalleled season, beginning with the opportunity to relish ample time outdoors. Between outdoor dinners with friends and relatives, mountain excursions and beach holidays, many beautiful activities can be organized.

Too bad that flies and mosquitoes sometimes ruin your good mood, especially in the evening, when you go to bed. These pests, carriers of germs and diseases, should never be overlooked. Neglecting their presence poses significant risks. When the health and safety of ourselves and our loved ones are at stake, it is always better to pay the utmost attention. Needless to say, extra vigilance is essential when children are involved. Regardless of age, taking proactive measures to combat these nuisances is paramount.

displaying mosquito

The lab-grown items of companies leave a lot to be desired for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they cost quite a lot, especially with the leading products available on the market today. Secondly, and equally important, is the concern regarding the presence of chemical compounds among their ingredients, which are harmful to the human body and pets. Now, I’m about to unveil a marvelous do-it-yourself solution, requiring only a handful of elements:

  • A plastic bottle;
  • dry yeast;
  • brown sugar, barley malt or honey.

Take the plastic bottle and cut it in half. Proceed to create side holes at the base, forming entry points for the insects. Inside the lower portion, put two tablespoons of barley malt, honey, or cane sugar; these substances act as attractants for flies and mosquitoes. Next, add a teaspoon of yeast and a glass of warm water. To complete the setup, turn the neck of the bottle upside down and insert it on top.

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