The Surprising Reason for Putting Coffee Grounds on Parchment Paper

As we go through our routines each day, it is more than likely that we end up throwing away certain items that could have instead been reused. A great example is coffee grounds. After making your coffee in the morning, those grounds that made your beverage possible still have some useful characteristics. And here, we are going to see how coffee grounds can be reused.

coffee grounds and beans

Turning Trash Into Domestic Products

Used coffee grounds are, in fact, an all-natural product. And for this reason, they are great when it comes to caring for your skin. Coffee grounds can be used to treat wrinkles, clean out pores, and remove blemishes. All we need to do is mix the used grounds with a little warm water and salt. Next, just apply the mixture to your skin and rub it in gently.

We can also make use of old coffee grounds with our pots and pans. These kitchen items are often quite difficult to clean. They tend to accumulate grease and sludge from the food we prepare. However, cleaning can become a lot easier by scrubbing your pots and pans with some coffee grounds, some water, and just a bit of detergent.

black pots and pans

You can also use coffee grounds to get rid of foul odors. Coffee beans have a naturally pleasant and distinct aroma, and this makes them an ideal air freshener. All we need to do is place some used coffee grounds on some parchment paper and leave them in the fridge overnight. The next day, you can take the grounds and parchment paper and put them in some porous material such as a sock. Now, you can leave the grounds wherever you find unpleasant smells.

Finally, we can also use coffee grounds to care for our plants. Coffee grounds are great for adding a little extra nutrition to the soil. So before you throw away the grounds leftover from your next cup of coffee, you may want to consider these practical ways to use them in your home.  

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