Why would someone put nails in a lemon? There is actually a good reason

It may not be very well-known, but a lemon can be used as a fertilizer. The acidity that the lemon is known for and brings flavor to many of our dishes can also be used to revitalize plant life. But to help the acidity do its job, it needs to also be paired with iron oxide, which can be obtained from nails.

nails in a lemon

This method not only helps with the fertilization of our plants but also helps give them a more balanced pH level. And here, we are going to discuss two different applications of lemons in the garden.

Puncturing your lemon with nails for your plants’ health

hammer nail lemon

Our first method is actually quite easy. All you need to do is take several nails and push them into a normal lemon. Let the nails rest inside the lemon for about 12 hours in a dry place so the oxide can be fully absorbed. Once enough time has passed, squeeze the lemon juice into one liter of water and mix. Fill a spray bottle with the liquid and we are ready to apply the mist to the garden. Your acidophilic plant in particular will be very happy.

Turning a lemon Into a lemon lree

flower garden

Our next method is going to explain how to turn a single lemon from the kitchen into a lemon tree. First, we need to extract the seeds from inside the fruit and let them dry. Next lay them on a paper towel and spray them with a little bit of water. Now cover the seeds with another paper towel and spray again.

lemon tree

Now we need to place the seeds in an airtight container. Place the container in an area that is well-lit, but not in direct sunlight, and let it sit there for about 12 hours. After enough time has passed, you will already notice the seeds are sprouting. At this point, the seeds just need to be planted in soil and be watered routinely as it develops into a tree.

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