Why Pothos Has Yellow Leaves and How to Intervene

Pothos, a beloved and low-maintenance houseplant known for its decorative leaves, is perfect for those without a green thumb. Despite its resilience, however, it can happen that the leaves turn yellow, a clear sign of stress on the plant. Today, we’ll explore the reasons behind this issue and discover effective solutions to restore the plant’s health and vibrancy.

Pothos, why the leaves turn yellow and how to remedy it

Yellowing pothos leaves: causes and solutions

Several factors can lead to the yellowing of pothos leaves, with water stagnation being a primary culprit. Although pothos prefers slightly moist soil, it cannot tolerate waterlogging. When the soil stays consistently wet, the roots may suffocate and be unable to absorb nutrients effectively.

The consequence of water stagnation can result in the plant losing its characteristic leaf color or even lead to leaf drop. To avoid this problem, ensure the soil has proper drainage, and if you see standing water in the saucer beneath the pot, promptly empty it.

On the contrary, yellowing leaves can also result from insufficient watering. When the soil is too dry, the roots struggle to absorb an adequate amount of water. In such cases, increase the frequency of watering and ensure the soil feels moist to the touch but not overly wet. Creating a humid environment can also help; consider placing the plant on a saucer with gravel and water to enhance moisture levels around the pothos.

pothos is growing beautifully indoors

Exposure to light is another common problem contributing to yellowing leaves. In its natural habitat, pothos thrives in the shade of large trees, requiring indirect light. When placed in direct sunlight, the leaves may be yellow and suffer from burns. Indoors, position the plant in a bright room but away from direct sunlight or use a curtain to filter the rays.

Insufficient nutrients in the soil can also lead to yellowing leaves. To maintain the plant’s health, you can provide it with a balanced fertilizer every four to six weeks during the growing season. Finally, always make sure not to expose the plant to temperatures that are too low or too high. Ideally, keep the pothos in a climate ranging around 18-20 degrees Celsius.

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