Why It’s Smart to Hang CDs on Trees: the Trick That Saves Your Garden

Have you ever spotted CDs hanging on trees, plants in gardens, vegetable patches, or even balconies? It’s not a form of punishment for unwanted CDs; instead, it’s a method to keep birds (and their droppings) away from your plants. This approach not only prevents birds from feasting on fruits and shoots but also helps keep your garden (or balcony) cleaner.

What are CDs on trees for?

why someone hangs CDs on trees?

In reality, the practice of sticking CDs or any other reflective objects to trees and plants is an age-old method to keep birds and small mammals away. These creatures often venture into gardens or onto balconies in search of food, but end up causing damage to plants and creating a mess.

Well, to keep them away without harming them, simply hang reflective objects on trees and plants. It’s advisable to hang them in a way that allows the wind to make them move and rotate. Animals are smart; if they notice the object remains still, they may proceed to eat the leaves. However, if it moves and reflects sunlight in an ever-changing manner, it can effectively scare them away and prevent damage.

birds enjoying in the park

Every now and then, you will have to change the position of these CDs, again to prevent animals from becoming accustomed to them. This method is effective not only in keeping birds away from plants but also in deterring pigeons from balconies (but I’m not sure if they also work with seagulls for those who live by the sea). Some suggest that this approach may also work to discourage cats from using your garden as their personal bathroom.

A piece of advice though: if you live near a road, ensure that the hanging CDs do not create reflections that could reach the eyes of motorists. Otherwise, you risk causing potentially fatal accidents.

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