Where You Throw Away Aluminum Trays Soiled With Food

It’s undeniable that proper waste separation isn’t always as straightforward as it seems. Of course, sometimes it’s our fault that we don’t pay enough attention to it. Yet, it’s also true that municipal regulations can contribute to the complexity – each city has its unique guidelines. Consequently, there’s no common indication that it can benefit everyone. Still, some general rules exist. This holds true for aluminum or foil trays used for storing food. Most likely, many of us make a mistake when we throw these trays away.

Where should the aluminum trays be thrown away?

Have you ever wondered where the aluminium trays used to store food go?

Aluminum trays are convenient and practical solutions for food storage. They are also useful to take advantage of when we get together with friends for a nice meal together. However, after the meal concludes, we often encounter a dilemma – a pile of empty and dirty aluminum trays that no one ever knows where to throw away.

Usually, when you don’t know where to throw something away, the common inclination is to toss items into the general waste bin. However, doing so in the case of aluminum trays would be a mistake. Instead, these trays must be thrown in the plastic bin, alongside other aluminum items (or aluminum foil, use whichever term you prefer) and plastic packaging.

displaying clean aluminum trays with food in it

Of course, you will tell us, but that tray is dirty. We don’t even have to wash it, right?” Well, in this case, you’re right. Similar to dishes placed in the dishwasher, aluminum trays don’t require washing before disposal. This is because, otherwise, we’d contradict the purpose of waste separation. On the one hand, we’re safeguarding the environment by correctly sorting the trays into the right bin, yet on the other hand, would we not be wasting valuable water?

displaying trash bins for every kind of trash

This is because (and it’s applicable to both trays and dishes destined for the dishwasher) no one has ever said that they have to be washed. The simple step to take is to throw away most of the food remnants into the trash while utilizing napkins or cutlery to assist, ensuring the aluminum tray ends up in the right bin (or, for dishes, placed in the dishwasher for cleaning).

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