When cooking rice, just add vinegar: a TRICK you will never stop using

Rice is an excellent source of fiber, vitamins, and mineral salts. It can also be used in an unending number of recipes, both sweet and savory, making it an ideal food for any occasion. However, it’s not always easy to prepare rice correctly, and it often ends up being overcooked and sticky. In this article we will explain a full-proof method that will help you cook your rice to perfection and take your recipes to the next level!


White vinegar and rice

Often, while the rice is cooking, some of the grains of rice get sticky and adhere to the pan, producing a bad flavor and ruining your pan. However, there is a solution: all you need is a drop of white wine vinegar.


As you are cooking your rice, once you see the water start to boil you should add a teaspoon of vinegar. You’ll notice now that there is no issue with rice sticking to your pan or pot. Now, all you have to do is drain, season, and enjoy.

Here some other tips for cooking rice:

Lemon juice

In addition to our vinegar trick, we can also use lemons to help us cook our rice. Due to the fruit’s acidity, the rice is able to produce excess starch and thereby becoming too sticky.


To use lemon juice when cooking rice, start by rinsing the rice before your begin cooking it. This will already help in the prevention too much starch. Next, add a teaspoon of juice as soon as the water comes to a boil. The lemon juice, like vinegar, will prevent the rice from becoming too sticky and will also add a zesty flavor!

Steam cooking

Another great way to cook your rice without it sticking is to steam it. This technique is becoming increasingly popular in the kitchen, and it is actually quite versatile. You can steam cook many other foods besides rice such as vegetables, fish, and meat.


Start by heating a pot of water. As soon as the water comes to a boil, throw in your rice. Halfway through cooking, drain the water and place the rice in a colander. Now put the colander inside the pot and cover while its still cooking. This is a simple way to get the effect of a steam cooker in your stove. Remember to make sure no rice ended up stuck to the pot before covering to avoid that unpleasant, overcooked flavor. If this does happen, you can just rinse it in the colander and the burnt taste should be gone.

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