What Object to Put in the Washing Machine to Remove Dog and Cat Hair From Laundry

Pets brighten our days with their love and contagious energy, but dealing with their shedding fur can be a real challenge. It seems to find its way into every corner of the house, including our clothes and blankets, often requiring regular washing.

What to add to the washing machine to remove dog and cat hair from laundry

The trick to remove dog and cat hair from laundry

The first reasonable step is to regularly brush your pets to reduce shedding. While not all pets may enjoy it initially, they will eventually get used to it and even want the attention. Be sure to use a gentle brush; otherwise, they might lose their patience!

During the year, there are specific periods when our inseparable four-legged friends shed the worst. When nature is rejuvenating, spring is one of these peak shedding seasons. This shedding is a natural response to climate changes, as they require less fur during warmer weather.

a dog is sitting in the garden

To protect your washing machine and prevent pet fur from spreading in the washing machine, you can use specialized products called pet laundry bags. These large polypropylene bags are designed to hold items covered in pet hair, preventing the hair from spreading during the wash. They are particularly useful if you have pets with thick coats, like Saint Bernards, Newfoundlands, or Maltese dogs.

cat is resting on the bed

Alternatively, an affordable solution to tackle pet fur in the washing machine is to place a kitchen sponge inside the washing machine basket. Or there is an unthinkable accessory capable of making your life easier: hair curlers.

Placing one or two hair curlers in the washing machine can help collect incredibly long pet hair that may get tangled during the wash. If you’re washing your pet’s bed or blankets impregnated with its smell, remove it by adding vinegar. Its qualities will come to your aid once again.

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