What is the Second Hole in the Sink for and How to Clean It

Sinks, whether in the kitchen or bathroom, typically have two holes. The first is the one at the bottom, fitted with a cap, serving as the main drain. The second is the side hole in the sink, often located higher up and positioned under the faucet. But have you ever wondered about the purpose of this second hole? Wasn’t just one enough?

All sinks have a second hole in addition to the drain hole. But have you ever wondered what it is for?

This is what the second hole in the sink is for

The presence of that second hole in the sink isn’t just a random or some bizarre aesthetic choice. It actually serves a crucial role in our safety. You’ve likely already speculated on its purpose, as we’ve all utilized it for this function. Interestingly, it’s also found in the bidet, serving a similar purpose.

In practical terms, this second hole allows water to safely escape when the sink is filling, preventing overflow when the drain is closed with the cap or in case of a blockage. In fact, this hole is also connected to the same drainage pipes that the main drain leads to, mitigating the risk of accidental flooding in the house.

a person is cleaning the sink

One thing we need to do, though, is remember to clean this hole. As it can accumulate dirt, debris, dust, hair, and limescale. Fortunately, we can use a convenient natural remedy that is likely available in everyone’s home.

We are talking about Marseille soap, which is renowned for its degreasing and cleaning properties and serves as an excellent choice to clean and sanitize this drainage hole. Additionally, it imparts a pleasant, clean fragrance to our sanitary ware. After using Marseille soap, a few drops of well-rubbed olive oil can be applied to polish the area, providing a finishing touch to our maintenance routine.

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