What is the Bed Runner on Hotel Beds For?

Very often, when entering a hotel room, we notice a blanket adorning the foot of the bed. For many of us, it’s purely an aesthetic accessory, but what is that blanket actually for?

The reason why there is a blanket at the foot of the bed in the hotel.

The object at the foot of the bed is commonly known as a “bed runner“. It may seem unimportant or purely decorative, often ending up on a chair. Thinking that it is only part of the room’s aesthetics, a sort of business card that adorns the room actually has countless advantages. Let’s find out what they are.

The blanket that ensures hygiene and safety

Let’s start by saying that 90% of hotels use completely white bed linens and towels, a choice influenced by various factors. Primarily, it’s a matter of hygiene; white can be bleached and sterilized without concern for discoloration or fabric damage.

Bed runner is a decorative textile piece used for both aesthetic and practical purposes in hotel room design.

White provides a clean and neat look to the room, although occasionally it may seem antiseptic. To balance the all-white bedding, a differently colored bed runner is added at the foot of the bed. This is the first sensible use of the bed runner.

The second purpose is entirely about hygiene. Guests, often tired or stressed, sometimes climb into bed without removing their shoes. In such cases, the bed runner will prevent you from soiling the linens, on which you will then go to sleep with the dirty soles of your shoes.

Guests often absentmindedly place suitcases, bags, and clothes on the bed. In such instances, the bed runner acts as a shield, safeguarding us from viruses and bacteria and preventing direct contact with our skin through the sheets.

bed runner acts as a shield from viruses and bacteria and preventing direct contact with our skin through the sheets.

Furthermore, it serves as a design element. If you think that embellishing the room with something more voluminous or with embroidered linens would increase the costs, this small accessory adds a touch of color, elevates the ambiance, and keeps costs in check.

Usually dark in color, the bed runner at the foot of the bed serves a practical purpose. It helps you quickly identify forgotten items like keys, a mobile phone, or a bracelet before leaving the room with just a quick glance at the bed. Let’s remember that, unlike a bulky and hard-to-clean duvet, the bed runner is easy to wash and dry, ensuring consistent hygiene.

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