Ways to use the leftover water after cooking vegetables

Vegetables are one of those types of food that ideally should show up on the table daily. We are all well aware of their benefits for our health. After we have finished boiling our vegetables in water, though, it may be worth considering not pouring it immediately down the drain. And in this article, we are going to see why.

Before we get started, it may be worth mentioning that the leftover water after cooking vegetables has become enriched with nutrients. In the water, we can also find vitamins including magnesium and potassium. This really makes it seem like a shame to just throw that water away.

4 ways to reuse vegetable water

boiling vegetables

The first way we can reuse vegetable water is by using it as a fertilizer. In addition to the nutrients that remain in the liquid, there are also salts and minerals. By adding the water to the soil in your home garden, you will help your plants grow strong and healthy.

weeds and wall

If the water is still hot, it can be used to also rid your garden of weeds. When applied correctly, you can kill weeds immediately with the leftover vegetable water without damaging the roots of your plants. Just make sure you are precise when you are doing this, definitely making sure to avoid leaves and flowers.

If you were cooking potatoes, then the water that remains will have a high starch content. In this case, we can use the water to clean our dishes. Pour the hot water into the sink with the drain plugged and let your dirty dishes soak for about 5 minutes. You later see that stains and grease can easily be wiped away.

silver fork

You can also apply the used vegetable water to your silver cutlery. All you need to do is get a soft, clean cloth and soak it in the used water. Rub the cloth along your silverware and your forks and knives will shine like new again. This is because the water actually produces an oxidizing effect.

Vegetable water can even be reused for cooking. It is ideal for preparing pasta and soups, and it will even provide a bit more flavor. Also, you will be adding some nutritional value to your food.

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