Ways to Keep Your Toothbrush Clean

The toothbrush is one of the most important tools in fighting germs and bacteria in the mouth and maintaining overall oral health. And the toothbrush can do its job best when properly cleaned on a regular basis. In this article, we are going to look at how to make sure that your toothbrush is clean each and every day.


To start, there are a few basic habits that will help keep your toothbrush clean and sanitary. First, after each use, make sure you rinse your toothbrush properly. This will help get rid of any leftover pieces of food and germs. Also, make sure to replace your toothbrush at least every three months, as the bristles will become weakened over time, even if the toothbrush appears fine.

Useful Tips For Keeping Your Toothbrush Clean

In addition to rinsing, it is even better to thoroughly wash your toothbrush with soapy water. By doing this each day, you will be absolutely sure that your toothbrush is completely free of germs and bacteria. Make sure you use a soap that is also gentle on the skin, as the bristles can easily become damaged from a detergent that is too strong.

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After washing your toothbrush, make sure you let it dry in the open air. If you leave your toothbrush in a closed container, bacteria will develop simply from the moisture present on the toothbrush.

It may seem obvious, but it still needs to be mentioned. Don’t share your toothbrush with other people. Everyone has their own unique combination of bacteria in the mouth, and it is best not to be transferring this bacteria to others. Also, sharing a toothbrush is a perfect way to spread infection from one person to another.

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Also, it is recommended to occasionally let the toothbrush soak in hot water. Not only will this sanitize areas of the toothbrush that normal cleaning doesn’t quite accomplish, but it is also not harmful to the bristles. Just leave the toothbrush immersed in hot water for about two minutes, then rinse with cold water.

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