A way to dry laundry and avoid ironing altogether

It may come as a surprise, but there really is a right way to dry your laundry. And for the sake of saving time and energy, this drying method can help you avoid ironing altogether. And let’s be honest, especially during summer, ironing can sometimes be the last thing we want to add to the list of things to do for the day. Wrinkled clothes, though, still need to be dealt with, so let’s take a look at how to deal with this problem.

Hanging Clothes Properly

Before we even get into drying, we should start with the washing machine. Before starting the cycle, make sure to use the lowest temperature possible. This will help by keeping wrinkles to a minimum. Of course, not all materials will be suitable for this, so be mindful of what exactly you are washing. And if possible, set the washing machine so that it uses the least amount of revolutions during the spin cycle. It is also worth noting that there are some fabrics that a known not to wrinkle at all, such as polyester.

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Now let’s focus on the crux of the matter, drying. First off, when the washing machine has finished its job, it is best to remove the clothes immediately. If you want to go the extra mile, consider that historically clothes were beaten before drying to avoid wrinkling. Beating clothes before drying could be even considered a pre-ironing. However, it is definitely not as meticulous and still saves on energy and time.

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Next, the ideal way to dry clothes without having to iron them later is by hanging them. During this step, we want to pay attention to how we place the clothes to dry. For example, when using clothespins, don’t place them where indentations will be noticeable. Some ideal locations would be under the arms of shirts and the inseams of jeans.

There are also a couple of other tips for drying clothes. To completely avoid ironing, you can hang the jeans upside down. For shirts, you can insert a hanger. Lastly, make sure your clothes are not overlapping while drying and are spread out evenly.

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