Use This DIY Preparation to Strengthen and Flower Your Plants

Every gardening enthusiast dreams of flourishing plants and vibrant blooms. To achieve this, the plants must be provided with all the nutrients and ideal conditions. If you’re looking to give them an extra boost of energy, consider preparing the mix we’ll show you in this article.

Eggshells: how to use them to nourish plants and see them flourish lushly

Plants: how to prepare a fertilizer mix, using egg shells

A perfect plant booster lies in the use of eggshells. These kitchen wastes are a precious resource in gardening, offering plants essential calcium. Calcium, a crucial nutrient, plays a vital role in forming cell walls and promoting robust and healthy development in plants.

In addition to calcium, these kitchen wastes boast additional essential nutrients like magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus. These minerals play pivotal roles in diverse plant biological processes, including photosynthesis, chlorophyll formation, and the efficient transport of nutrients within plant cells.

Eggshells can be used in different ways, depending on the benefits you intend to obtain. For example, if applied to the soil surface, they serve as mulch, aiding in moisture retention and acting as a barrier against weed formation.

When strategically placed around plants, eggshells function as a deterrent, creating a barrier against snails, slugs, and crawling insects that may harm your plants. If you’re initiating a new cultivation, you can use them as nutrients by filling the pot with a mixture of half shells and half soil. Plant your seed, and as the shells decompose, they release beneficial nutrients, fostering the growth of your plant.

an eggshell is placed on the grass

Or, as mentioned earlier, you can use them as fertilizer. By preparing a solution, you not only provide essential nourishment to your plants but also witness a vibrant burst of flowers and colors, enhancing the overall beauty of your garden.

First of all, save the eggshells after consuming them. Then wash them carefully to remove any residues of yolk or egg white and let them dry completely. Once dried, finely chop the eggshells using a blender. Fill a bucket with water, and add approximately a cup of the eggshell powder. Let the mixture soak for at least a week, stirring occasionally. This allows the nutrients from the shells to be released into the water. After the week, pour the solution into a watering can and use it to water your plants, providing them with a nutrient-rich boost.

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