Two Parts That Most Overlook When Cleaning the Shower

Cleaning the shower is one of those tasks that we should carry out periodically, ideally after each use. While this might not be groundbreaking advice, it’s worth considering if you’re confident you’re taking care of it correctly. Indeed, we often tend to overlook a couple of components, assuming they will remain in excellent condition even if neglected. However, the reality can be quite different, and we’ll see it in the following paragraphs

Cleaning the Shower: Don’t Neglect These Two Parts – All You Need are Natural Ingredients

Many neglect them, leading to a den of germs, bacteria and rust

The first element requiring attention is the shower head. Being constantly exposed to water, we think it always stays in excellent condition. The continuous flow of water can lead to the formation of limescale. To avoid finding yourself with encrustations that are difficult to remove, it’s crucial to care for the shower head regularly. You don’t necessarily need to buy commercial products; household ingredients often suffice for effective cleaning.

If possible, spray white vinegar on the shower head each time you clean, allowing it to sit for a few minutes before rinsing. If limescale has already accumulated, immerse the shower head in a solution of white vinegar or citric acid. Secure a plastic bag around it with an elastic band and leave it overnight.

showering area is clean in the washroom

The second component to consider is the shower rod, which is often overlooked. Cleaning it is simple; just use a cloth moistened with white vinegar or alcohol. However, if rust has formed (this is why we tell you that periodic maintenance is the best thing!), the situation becomes more challenging. In such cases, rub a balled-up, moistened sheet of aluminum foil on the rusted areas. Or, help yourself to carbonated drinks, which, having carbon dioxide, will allow you to cope with the discomfort.

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