Two miracle ingredients for cleaning your home: salt and lemon

Our elders have historically given us advice on how to get our homes clean without relying on the typical chemical-based products. And today, we want to highlight one piece of advice that involves combining two simple products: salt and lemon.

lemon and salt

These two food items can surely be easily found in your kitchen and have little to no impact on the environment. So let’s examine in more detail how these products can accomplish a deep-clean for your home.

A killer combination for cleaning your home: salt and lemon

Let’s start by acknowledging the sanitizing and degreasing properties of lemons. Because of these properties, they are able to get our houses clean by breaking down stubborn buildup. And by adding a little salt to the formula, we are able get our home to be completely germ-free, while soaking up bad smells in the air.

To make an even tougher cleaning product, we can also add 30 grams of castile soap to our salt and lemon mixture. We recommend using a spray bottle to apply this type of mixture around your home.

Another way to make use of this salt and lemon combination is by sprinkling a little salt on some sliced lemon half. Now place them all around the house to create a natural air freshener.

Still not impressed by the power of salt and lemon? Our last example is their ability to get rid of headaches. You will need to add 10ml of lemon juice, 5ml of honey, and a pinch of salt to 150ml of hot water. Drink the entire mix and wait 10 minutes. You should be feeling a lot better now.

So as we can see, these two simple ingredients can do wonders in terms of cleaning your home and helping your physical well-being, while also coming at an extremely low cost.

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