Too Many Seeds in Eggplant? A Very Common Mistake in Cultivation

Many people grow their eggplants in their gardens, often alongside potatoes, tomatoes, and cucumbers. It’s a great idea because you can use eggplants to create delicious dishes beyond just eggplant parmigiana. However, despite our best efforts, our eggplants are sometimes loaded with seeds, which can be frustrating and almost ruin the taste. The good news is that a small mistake might be the culprit, one that’s easy to fix. With a simple adjustment, we can enjoy our eagerly awaited harvest of eggplants without the hassle of too many seeds, making them more enjoyable.

How to avoid growing eggplants full of seeds?

Are you growing eggplants in your garden, but they have too many seeds?

The issue isn’t the quality or type of eggplant; even the delicate-flavored white eggplant can face this problem. The problem is that you need to water eggplant more. Particularly during prolonged dry spells, not consistently watering these plants means they can grow full of seeds.

The same happens when we have the unfortunate idea of growing our eggplant plant in full sun. These vegetables don’t thrive under constant, direct sunlight; they prefer shaded areas. To address this, you can use shade cloth to provide the right amount of sun exposure – but not too much.

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To prevent the soil from drying out excessively, remember to water them regularly, and it will also be necessary to carry out good mulching. Mulch not only helps control weeds but also retains soil moisture.

Then, fertilize the plants periodically, possibly using natural compost or manure, which ensures steady plant growth and can help prevent the development of excess seeds, making the eggplants inedible.

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