Thoroughly Clean the Washing Machine Drawer and Remove Detergent Residues, Make It Shine Again

If we want our washing machine to always be perfectly efficient (which also means washing better and saving money), we must remember to regularly clean the washing machine drawer. This refers to the tray where detergent and fabric softener are placed. While it’s in contact with detergents, residues can accumulate, leading to encrustations and preventing proper detergent flow towards the clothes during washing.

How to clean the washing machine drawer?

Here, you will find a practical and quick trick to clean the washing machine drawer from detergent residues without wasting too much time

First of all, you will have to dismantle the washing machine drawer. This is typically straightforward, as most trays have a button that facilitates removal. You can find the button either above the fabric softener compartment or on the side. When pressing and extracting, be cautious not to exert excessive force, as pulling too hard may risk breaking some parts of the tray.

Once removed, you will have to dismantle all parts of the tray and place them in a basin filled with hot water and white wine vinegar. Let everything soak for several minutes; this helps to soften detergent encrustations.

clean inside of the washing machine

Now, take an old, clean toothbrush and scrub all drawer parts until the encrustations have disappeared. Then, use a soft sponge and some Marseille soap to wash everything thoroughly, eliminating any remaining residues.

However, cleaning the washing machine drawer is not like a diamond: it is not forever. You will need to do this at least twice a year or more often if you notice significant encrustations. Remember to run an empty wash cycle at a high temperature during the same cleaning session to eliminate limescale and detergent or fabric softener residues in the drum. Before the empty wash cycle, pour some water into the drum in which you have mixed some citric acid or white wine vinegar.

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