This is the Real “reason” Why You Shouldn’t Sweep the Floor at Night

Sweeping the floor at night? Whether using a broom or a vacuum cleaner, it’s best to avoid it. Between superstitions, potential health issues, and the curses of downstairs neighbours who value their sleep, there are compelling reasons to steer clear of nighttime cleaning.

Have you had the unhealthy idea of ​​sweeping the floor at night? For the sake of your health and neighbourhood, avoid it

Avoid sweeping floors at night

Engaging in house cleaning is acceptable, but sometimes it’s better to hold off, especially during the night. This doesn’t refer to a quick evening cleanup post-dinner. It’s more about those moments when, for various reasons, some feel the urge to conduct significant cleaning in the middle of the night.

We understand that some people work all day and only have evenings for cleaning. However, it’s crucial to remember that this isn’t a justification for making noise or causing disruptions at 2 AM. Many people sleep during those hours, and respecting their need for rest is essential.

sweeping the floor

Here are some reasons to avoid it:


In West Africa, sweeping at night is seen as an act that can sweep away good luck. Similarly, cleaning at night in India is associated with bad luck, as it’s believed to scare away Lakshmi, the goddess of abundance, youth, beauty, and luck, from leaving the house. Across several Asian countries, cleaning your house after dark is considered an invitation to bad luck.


While there aren’t specific studies linking nighttime floor sweeping to health issues, raising dust at night, especially if living with individuals with asthma or allergies, might not be a good idea. This could potentially worsen respiratory symptoms, as asthma or allergy-related symptoms often manifest at night, such as coughing, wheezing, and breathing difficulties. Increasing the dust in the house at night certainly doesn’t help in these situations.

a girl is tired and sitting on the sofa. she can't sleep because of the noise

Good neighbourhood

Even if you believe you’re being quiet, cleaning with a broom or a vacuum cleaner in the middle of the night can create a series of disruptive noises. The quiet of the night allows these sounds to travel and echo much more, significantly affecting the neighbours, particularly those living below or on surrounding floors. When you pass the broom, it’s a constant banging on the furniture and walls. And that noise is amplified. Without forgetting that when you sweep, you constantly move chairs and furniture: what seems like a light rustling to you downstairs turns into a screeching sound that brings the Dead to life.

Respecting good neighbourly conduct involves refraining from cleaning in the middle of the night. Otherwise, don’t complain when your neighbour discovers the time of day when you are sleeping. He does you a favor by attaching the stereo speakers to the ceiling and pushing the bass at total volume, playing the most hardcore music he has.

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