This is the dirtiest appliance in the kitchen: you should clean it daily

When you are trying to bring back your kitchen’s original lust, you need to clean just about everything. But, paradoxically, it is quite possible that you will still miss the dirtiest appliance.

The dirtiest appliance in your kitchen is used almost every day: its harboring a nest of germs and bacteria

kitchen appliance

As the kitchen item sits there in the corner, it is often just left unnoticed as you go about getting you kitchen clean again. But it is perhaps time to change your list of priorities when it comes to the things to sanitize.

At this point you probably want to get rid of any doubt you have as to what is the dirtiest item in the kitchen. (Drum roll…) It’s the microwave!

The convenience of this appliance does not go unrecognized. It is a practical and convenient tool that lets you prepare a variety of dishes, defrost various foods, and carry out lots of different recipes. Its qualities are so numerous that we tend to assume that this machine will just continue to function fine without any kind up maintenance or upkeep. Also, the idea of dealing with this honestly seems a bit annoying. But if you care about your well-being and safety, you should begin accepting it.

white microwave

According to a Kimberly-Clark study, 48 percent of microwave handles have an ATP (adenosine triphosphate) level of 300 or higher. This scale is used to measure surface dirt, and any level above 100 is considered unhealthy. Now imagine three times that much.

lady and microwave

So basically, at this level there is high number of pathogens that act as potential vehicles for the transmission of various diseases. Maybe it is worth taking this statistic into account the next time you are cleaning your kitchen. Cleaning the microwave inside and out may not sound like too much fun, but your health will thank you.

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