Things that you should never put under the kitchen sink

When there is so much to put away and only so much space available, it is essential to take advantage of every corner of your house. But be careful when it comes to the kitchen sink, though, because some things don’t last too long when stored there.


The space below the kitchen sink, just like any low and enclosed area, has a tendency to become very humid, making it an ideal home for pathogenic microorganisms. And it is for this reason that we need to be careful as to what we put under there. So let’s discuss exactly what some of these things are.

Things that should never be put under the kitchen sink

It’s perfectly common to just shove items in cabinets above to stove or any other random place when we they don’t have a designated place to be stored. But as we said, we need to exercise some caution when it comes to under the sink. For example, dishwasher tablets should not be stored here. They are at risk of being damaged due to the heat and dampness. It is best to store these kinds of items in a cabinet or type of closet, any space that tends get a bit more ventilation.


The same goes for paper and cardboard. Again, the humidity will destroy these materials almost instantaneously. This is also the case for napkins, boxes, and bags.

Also, don’t throw any rags you use for cleaning your dishes under there. That is, unless you want to find the covered in mold and bacteria from all the moisture in the air. This can also be hazardous to your health when they come in contact with your skin.

drying towels

The constant presence of humidity under the sink puts any electrical product at risk. Certain foods, such as potatoes and onions, will also soak in the moisture and begin to rot. So it would be best to find a dry place for these items.

red onions

So, now we understand what not to store underneath the kitchen sink. These mistakes are easily avoided, and we can even do our health a favor in the process.

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