These are the Plants to Keep Indoors If You Have Little Light

Light is a fundamental element for developing and surviving, especially plants. This factor, stimulating photosynthesis, ensures that plants grow and flourish luxuriantly. But if your place doesn’t have much light, don’t worry! Some plants are okay with just a little light. You can still have green plants even in a dark apartment. Some plants are champs in low light—they grow well even without lots of sunshine. Let’s check out which plants can be your green buddies in darker spaces.

10 plants suitable for apartments with low light

10 houseplants that thrive even in low light

The first plant we are going to mention is Pothos, a beloved plant known for its toughness and ability to adapt. It thrives indoors and looks great in hanging pots, too.

Sansevieria, also called mother-in-law’s tongue, is a tough plant known for its ability to adapt and stay strong. With its thick, green, or white variegated leaves, it also purifies the air.

sansevieria plant

Chamaedorea elegans, a unique palm that can survive in low-light indoor spaces. With its graceful fronds, it fits well in smaller spaces, having delicate, slender stems and leaves, adding elegance to any room.

Aspidistra elatior is a very hardy plant with large, dark green leaves, adding a touch of luxury to any room with its robust and enduring nature.

Zamioculcas is a tropical plant that thrives in low light and needs minimal watering. Its bright green, shiny, small, and round leaves make it a standout addition to spaces with limited light.

Hailing from West Africa, Dracaena Marginata boasts lance-shaped red-edged leaves. Slow-growing, it is an ideal choice for low-light spaces.

Dracena marginata plant

The Aglaonema Silver Bay is characterized by its large, dark green leaves that carry stunning hues. It easily adapts to indoor settings, tolerating shaded spots and handling humidity well, making it a versatile choice for various interiors.

Fittonia has small, colorful leaves that can be green, white, or pink. It loves humidity and makes a perfect decorative addition to tables or shelves.

Dracaena Rikki features long, narrow green leaves with striking yellow edges. It’s a vertical grower, perfect for height, and is incredibly easy to grow.

Monstera Adansonii is a popular climbing plant perfect for hanging baskets or growing on supports. It easily adapts to different light levels and showcases distinct, broad, and uniquely pitted leaves, adding a beautiful touch to any space.

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