The Trick to Keep Flies Away With a Bag of Water and Foil Balls

Enjoying the summer can turn into a challenge if we let flies take over! Despite their small size, these insects, which we all know too well, have a knack for disrupting our peace and relaxation just when we’re about to reach… peace of mind.

The repellent effect of the DIY remedy will allow you to keep them away!

DIY Fly Repellent with Aluminum Foil

So, what’s the solution? The market is flooded with ready-made products, some of which are promoted by renowned companies. These products promise to be the ultimate solution to all our troubles, or so they claim. It would be wonderful if they truly lived up to these promises! Reality often contrasts with the image painted by manufacturers, as their marketing teams know exactly which triggers to pull. It’s likely that at least once in your life as a homemaker, you have relied on some compound offered for sale.

But did it actually work well for you? Probably not. You might have regretted your decision for a long time, especially if you spent a considerable amount of money on it. History helps us avoid repeating the same mistakes. That’s why I recommend considering alternative strategies, perhaps rooted in ancient popular wisdom.

a fly on the grass

A great method to combat flies is to use a plastic bag. Fill it slightly more than halfway with water and place four crumpled aluminum foil sheets inside. For better results, add a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil. Seal the bag with a string or elastic band, then position it in areas like the entrance door, the kitchen, or near windows and balconies.

Now, you will be able to witness the magic: the fragrance emitted will keep flies away, finally allowing you to enjoy the beautiful days without being disturbed by anyone. Furthermore, you’ve achieved a potent repellent effect using eco-friendly tools you likely already had on hand. Isn’t that a great outcome?

fly repellent with tinfoil and water

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