The Trick That Not Everyone Knows: Say Goodbye to Sprouted Potatoes

Especially for beginners with limited knowledge, it’s easy to end up with sprouted potatoes. Unfortunately, they must be discarded at that stage as they become irrecoverable. Oh yes, it hurts to hear that. However, the associated risks strongly advise against consuming them.

Giving up the sin of gluttony for once will be the wisest choice for your well-being. Although the potato doesn’t lose its nutritional properties, the development of solanine—an undesirable substance—occurs in sprouted potatoes. Solanine functions as a natural pesticide produced by the potato to deter parasites.

To stop having sprouted potatoes, use this trick

Sprouted potatoes: the trick to not having them anymore

Taking it can cause various types of reactions, including vomiting and nausea. To prevent such situations and avoid discarding a potentially useful resource, consider following some straightforward advice. It’s nothing overly complicated but can help ensure a safer and more enjoyable experience.

These straightforward solutions are often rooted in common sense and passed down from generation to generation. Maybe your mother or grandmother recommended it to you, or maybe not. Anyway, let’s delve into practical suggestions together to prevent the unwelcome occurrence of sprouted potatoes.

fully grown potatoes

First of all, start by separating any damaged or dented potatoes from the others. Discard any rotting ones promptly to prevent them from triggering sprouting in the remaining batch. Store potatoes in a cold, dark, and dry place, such as a cellar, as light, humidity, and heat can compromise their shelf life. Avoid washing potatoes before storage.

some potatoes are placed on the slab in the kitchen

Opt for mesh bags, paper, or cloth bags for potato storage instead of plastic or airtight containers. No refrigeration, as it may lead to tuber rot due to temperatures lower than the ideal range of 2 to 4 degrees. Allow proper air circulation to maintain optimal conditions for the potatoes.

Enhance potato storage by placing a couple of apples in the center of the bag. Apples release ethylene, a natural substance that effectively counters the sprouting process, helping keep your potatoes fresh for a longer period.

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