The Trick of the Forks in the Garden, That’s What It’s For

Have you ever seen forks planted in the garden? How strange, right? In fact, it seems like a rather absurd choice, without a precise meaning. Be careful, though, because appearances can be deceiving! Those who utilize this method have a trick up their sleeves, often passed down through years of experience or word of mouth. Once you uncover the true reason behind this gardening custom, you might find yourself intrigued and eager to give it a try as well.

Why put forks in the garden

Garden forks are a trick that comes from our ancestors, still widespread today

In many vegetable gardens and gardens, it’s not unusual to encounter the sight of plastic forks planted in the soil, strategically arranged among the plants. This method isn’t a recent innovation but has roots in the past, utilized even by our grandparents who had an uncommon ability to get by with very few resources at their disposal.

This is because they had an innate spirit of making do, dictated by an era that lacked many of the conveniences we take for granted today. The practice of planting plastic forks serves a practical purpose – protecting plants from insects, parasites, and snails.

plants are growing in the garden

The unique shape and color of the fork tines serve a dual purpose in the garden. They create movement and noise, effectively deterring small animals that could pose a threat to crops. Moreover, strategically placed forks in the vegetable garden discourage birds from eating the seeds. To implement this “secret,” position the forks with the prongs facing upwards, nestled between rows of plants in need of protection. Use biodegradable plastic forks to ensure an environmentally friendly approach and to avoid contributing to pollution.

mulching the ground

Recent news events underscore the crucial importance of respecting the ecosystem. Instead of solely relying on the political class, it’s necessary that each of us plays a role in making a positive impact. Through simple everyday decisions, we have the opportunity to contribute towards the betterment of the situation.

By making small, conscious choices, we can find peace within ourselves and genuinely impact the future. While a single individual may not be able to change the world on their own, collective efforts as a team will allow us to make our mark.

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