The Trick for Folding Socks: Your Drawers Will be Super Tidy

Not finding things scattered around the house can be an absolute nightmare! Especially when time is limited before heading out. A common scenario is the disorder in the underwear drawer, where chaos often reigns among stockings, socks, and underwear.

At first glance, tossing everything randomly might seem easier, only to later regret it when desperately searching for what we need, we go ballistic. From there, the disorder increases. But we have little to blame for bad luck, as we are the ones who went searching for it!

The technique for folding socks

a person is showing the trick of folding socks

It hurts to hear that, we know. However, taking responsibility is crucial for learning and improvement. The good news is that fixing things isn’t as challenging as it may seem if there’s a genuine desire to do so! A TikTok clip from the Sock Shop channel, a British socks and footwear brand, reveals a fantastic technique for keeping socks tidy.

a person is arranging socks on a surface to form a cross

Before getting into the details, it’s our duty to warn you: some have found the process a bit complicated. Our take? We partially agree. Initially, putting the indicated steps into practice may feel a bit awkward. Feeling inadequate when trying something new is natural. Yet, with a bit of patience, you’ll get the hang of it. So, take a deep breath and follow carefully—you’ll be glad to have listened to us.

Let’s start by saying the trick is only valid with long socks, as they can be folded multiple times. Take a pair and lay them on a surface to form a cross. Fold both inwards, creating a compact package.

Stop! The socks will stay put, and it will be easy to place them in the drawer, neatly paired. However, we refer you to the video, as, reading the description, the method seems more complicated than it really is.


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