How to Prevent Clothes From Shedding Lint

Have you stopped wearing your favorite sweater because it lost part of its fabric, and once washed, it clung to the rest of your clothes? It happens to everyone at some point. What we need to do is prevent clothes from shedding lint, ensuring that other items remain in good condition.

What is lint on clothes

Lint consists of small fabric fibers that come loose from certain clothes and stick to others. Typically, they tend to be gray in color because they mix with dust.

Cotton and wool clothes are more likely to shedd lint, as they are natural fabrics. In contrast, synthetic fabrics like nylon or polyester do not shed lint.

Clothes that shed lint, how can you avoid this condition?

Although there are devices to remove lint from clothes, such as adhesive rollers, the ideal is to prevent it from being generated and compromising its appearance. Dark-colored items are more affected as lint is much more noticeable due to the contrast.

Four tips to prevent your clothes from losing fluff

With ingredients and items you have at home, you can get rid of lint. First of all, you should start by cleaning your washing machine filters to prevent existing lint from floating in the appliance and optimize its performance.

To reduce lint, place your clothes inside out in the washing machine. This will help any remaining lint stick to the inside and be less visible. Try separating your clothes by color before washing them to minimize the visibility of lint on your garments.

Finally, make sure you use a short, gentle wash program. Especially when laundering woolen items that may go through various processes.

Use white vinegar

When you go to wash clothes that shed lint, add 250 ml of vinegar to the laundry. In addition to preventing pilling, it will naturally soften your clothes, so you shouldn’t add fabric softener.

Try baking soda

lint free ironed clothes are hanging on the hangers

It is a bleach by nature and is excellent for removing yellowish stains from clothes. To combat lint, you can add two or three tablespoons to your detergent before washing.

Freeze clothes that tend to fray

Wash your clothes separately on a gentle cycle, using cold water. Once the clothes have dried, fold them and place them in an airtight plastic bag. Stick the bag in the freezer for a couple of days. When you take it out, shake your clothes well to get rid of all the lint.

Use a damp cloth

Put a wipe or two in the washing machine before adding the rest of your clothes. While washing, the wipes will absorb any loose lint.

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